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Before a consultation with JoKai CobbWebs, consider the following questions so that you may make the most of your time. It is not necessary that you figure this all out right away, all by yourself. JoKai CobbWebs will help you answer these questions. (You may also download and print this worksheet.) Terms in white below provide definitions when you place your mouse cursor over them. If you'd like to print this page, please right click in this frame and select "print."

  • What is the purpose of my web site?

  • What do I want the title of my web site to be?

  • What will be the theme of my web site?

  • Do I want a splash page?

  • Do I want or have need of a framed web site?

  • What will the main colors of my web site be?

  • What font would I like to use for my web site?

  • What kind of background would I like my web site to have?
       -Will the background be stationary or scrolling?
       -Will the background be faded?
          -If so, how much?

  • What colors would I like my links to be?
       -(Consider unvisited links, visited links, active links, and hover links.)

  • Do I want colored scroll bars on my web site?
       -If so, what colors?

  • Do I want any mouseovers or mouse enhancements?
       -If so, what kind(s)?

  • Will I need web space to hold my web sites files?

  • Can I update my web site myself, or do I need JoKai CobbWebs to update my web site occasionally?

  • Do I want a vanity URL?
       -If so, what will it be?

  • Including the homepage, how many pages will I need designed?

  • It might also be helpful to sketch your idea of how you'd like your pages to look.

    Remember, it's not necessary to have all the answers to these questions. They are just points that JoKai CobbWebs will consider with you, so you might want to have thought about them a little in advance.

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