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JoKai CobbWebs provides four main services.

  • Consultation. JoKai CobbWebs will meet with you to determine exactly what you want from your web site and how you'd like it to look. Topics of discussion will include broad topics such as your purpose and/or theme, and detailed topics such as site colors, fonts, positioning, and other specifics. (Check the suggestion page for a more detailed look at items to consider before consultation.)

  • Layout Design. JoKai CobbWebs will work with you to design a creative and unique layout that meets your individual needs. Your web page design code will be manually written using a text editor, not a web authoring program. Thus, your code will not be inflated with any "extras" often associated with web authoring programs. Codes used include HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Updates. Things change, and that needs to be reflected in your web site. JoKai CobbWebs can provide you with text and small image updates as often as twice a week or as infrequently as... never!

  • Hosting. Have no place to store your web page's files? JoKai CobbWebs will take care of storing your web files for you. Additionally, you may utilize a Vanity URL with your chosen name so your site's visitors may easily remember your site's address.

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