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JoKai CobbWebs can a design a web site for any purpose, as noted in the JoKai CobbWebs designs below.


Your personal web site is just that: personal. It can serve several different purposes. Perhaps you'd like to have an online journal or diary where others can learn more about you. Maybe you want to share other sites of interest with your visitors. Whatever the reason, a unique, personal web site designed by JoKai CobbWebs is a great way to share yourself without conforming to the rigid layouts of popular online blog sites. Having a personal web site is becoming common in today's society. Join in the fun!


Get ahead of the competition by creating a web site for your small business or profession. Today's customers are more likely to logon than telephone. By allowing JoKai CobbWebs to create a web site that personifies your profession, the whole world can find out what your business is about with the click of a mouse.

Mrs. Cobb's Math Class

Are you a teacher who is having trouble getting messages home? With so many extracurricular activities, many students forget to deliver school messages of importance to parents. When you give parents access to a classroom web site designed by JoKai CobbWebs, you give them the power to find out on their own time what's going on at school. A classroom web site is also a great tool for students who need to be reminded of an evening's assignment!

Ed & Jo's Wedding

Everyone experiences milestone events in their lives: a graduation, a wedding, a birth, a special anniversary. Celebrate with the world by letting JoKai CobbWebs create a site that commemorates your special event. For events that include a gathering, a web site is also a great RSVP method. Information about class reunions, festivals, family reunions, receptions, outings, and the like can be posted so your guests don't miss a thing!

Croonin' for Crohn's

The days of soliciting at the doorstep or on the telephone are long gone. A fundraising web site allows visitors to research your cause and make a decision about donation without feeling pushed to do so. It's also a great way to get your visitors' attentions by explaining why you are involved in the fundraising. Let JoKai CobbWebs create an eye catching tribute to the passion you have for your chosen cause.

JoKai's Calendar Connection

Do you have something academic to share with the world? JoKai CobbWebs can help you educate the masses! Your site might just help a struggling student looking for just the educational insight you have!

Incredible BMS 6 North Survey

Interesting information ought to be shared. Have you conducted a study or learned remarkable facts and figures that are worthy of note? Let JoKai CobbWebs help you deliver the information to those that need to hear it most—everyone!

Ed & Jo's Wedding Slideshow

My Skydiving Adventure

Pictures, music, writings, drawings, crafts: everyone has something creative to share. A web site by JoKai CobbWebs will widen your audience and broaden their horizons! Share pictures of an event with a slideshow, your latest poetry set to music, your most recent mini-marathon times by graph, or items in your special collection with detailed descriptions! It's not certain that there's an ending to the list of things you can share with the world, but it is certain that someone out there is interested!


Service organizations, historic areas, political parties, and city festivals all need web sites to keep their patrons and participants in touch with the latest information. Just because a category has not been mentioned on this page does not mean a web site can't be created for it. Bring your ideas to JoKai CobbWebs, and your idea will become available to anyone with an Internet connection. Hey, even pets need a web site!

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