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JoAnna Kai Cobb
JoAnna Kai Cobb
JoKai CobbWebs is a web design business maintained in southern Indiana from the home of its founder, JoAnna Kai Cobb. JoAnna became a computer geek early in life when her father bought her a Commodore 64. Her computer knowledge began forming with LOAD *.* and true floppy disks. In college at Indiana University, she began learning web design basics in a computer course required for education majors. From those roots, JoAnna has built her knowledge through self-learning motivated by a deep interest in web design. She launched her first web site, JoKai.net, in March 2005, and now has a repertoire of several diverse web sites.

When not web designing, JoAnna is a 6th grade Math teacher at Bedford Middle School. She is married to Ed Cobb (without whom she couldn't have had such a cool name for her web design business); is proud of her two stepsons, Sam and Mac; and cares for a Yorkie, Abbi. Her other interests include singing, doing math, running, competing in pageantry, collecting Care Bears, and going to the beach.
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